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Canon PowerShot Zoom Digital Camera

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Product Description Long-range viewing and recording with a compact, pocketable design, the Canon PowerShot ZOOM is a unique digital camera that blends the capabilities of a PowerShot point-and-shoot with the reach of something like a stabilized monocular. Incorporating an impressive 100-400mm equivalent focal length zoom range, with 2x digital zoom possible, this sleek camera is ideal for handheld birding, wildlife viewing, and even sports subjects. A 12.1MP CMOS sensor records both stills and full HD 1080p video up to 30 fps and continuous autofocus helps to keep subjects sharp. Video recording is further benefitted by a built-in microphone and Face Tracking AF when working with human subjects. Additionally, image stabilization benefits both stills and videos by reducing the appearance of camera shake for steadier recording in various lighting conditions.

The unique feature set is complemented by an equally unique physical design that is suitable for easy one-handed use. The compact form factor is ideal for carrying and a 2.36m-dot electronic viewfinder, with 60 fps refresh rate, enables clean, realistic eye-level viewing. A three-way one-touch switchable button makes for fast zoom changes and the camera also features a microSD memory card slot for saving files and a USB Type-C port for charging the internal battery. Additionally, built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity pair with the Canon Camera Connect App for remote live view monitoring and wireless file sharing to a mobile device.

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